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It seemed a good idea to name the Saturday that Freesia’s friends brought an eclectic blend of national delicacies to the small table in our flat as World Food Day… Dishes from Sri Lanka, Tanzania and India combined together with British and Argentine tidbits to create a wonderful spread for all to enjoy. Looking back and writing this it’s not that I feel that the name was a bad idea but I’m hoping that I don’t interrupt a philanthropist’s search to help people of the world less fortunate than ourselves eat. It does sound in hindsight like a charity set on reducing the world’s hunger. I apologise if I have held you up on your quest.

Well, to make matters worse there was a LOT of food. Far more than 5 people could hope to eat. But I am grateful for a week of ready-to-go packed lunches as we head towards Easter. It was gluttonous-maximus in our flat that day and safe to say it’s a wonder how everyone managed to squeeze their heaving frames through the narrow corridors to the snowy outside world. Well, here’re some pictures of what went on!

The recipes for more of the dishes will appear shortly!