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Hello everybody!

We are back! It’s been a while I know but we have been a bit busy… working, travelling, studying… Unfortunately something had to be sacrificed and it was the blog. However, things are settling down now so we hope to be regular blogstars once again. But, as we all know, blogging is not always easy…

The whole process starts with thinking what to cook. We always try to make classic  recipes with our own twist, or recipes from our own cultures (Welsh/Argentina). As we both work full-time sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find the time to go shopping, cook, take pictures while you are cooking, and finalise the process with an interesting text and some creative touched-up pictures.

Anyway, today I wanted to post something and tell you what we have been up to.

November and December were hectic. Tim’s working hours were increasing as Christmas was on the way and in December I went to Argentina to visit my family and friends for a month!

I had a lovely time! It is an amazing part of the year to go home not only because  it’s Christmas and New years time but also because it’s summer! and knowing how much of a summer we have here in the UK every year – almost none, it’s always good to spend a month at 30ºC average temperature.

I have to confess that I am a planner, I can’t help enjoying it, I guess it gives me the power of having things under control? not sure, so when I bought my tickets to Argentina back in April 2012 I started to plan the holidays I was going to have with my family down there in January, they got sick of me, so I didn’t plan anymore and I reluctantly left things up to them to arrange… but it worked! We rented a house in Cordoba (almost last-minute) and we had an amazing time enjoying the family, lakes, rivers and the mountains. (more of my Argentina trip to come).

That was an exception though because before going to Argentina I booked trains and a hotel to go to Paris in February – told you I can’t help it! so when I got back in January, within two weeks we were off to Paris! It was Tim’s first time in the City of light (I had no idea it was called that… Tim) and the second time for me. Another amazing trip -a bit wet and cold but we enjoyed it a lot! (Paris post to come).

Ok, for now I will leave you with this Photo-Recipe: a Delicious Stuffed Chicken my mum made for our New years day at the house in the mountains. Enjoy!

pollo relleno

pollo relleno


(This looks amazing. Freesia calls it ‘pollo relleno’ and hopefully I’ll get to try one when I go to Argentina to meet the family… soon! More about that later! Tim)

(Oh, PS; if you have any questions regarding the pollo relleno please post them as comments and we’ll get back to you… enjoy!)