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Well, now that we are settling in and around the Crystal Palace area I thought it was time to send you blogstars a postcard of what we’ve been up to. I’ll tell you a little about an area of London I had a very little clue about. We wandered around the ‘triangle’ the day Freesia had her interview and discovered some wonderful shops, parks, dinosaurs and possibly one of the finest views across London.

Dinosaurs! Yes, I know, crazy as it sounds we have our own ancient lizards around here. As part of the old Crystal Palace there were many exhibitions showing the achievements of science and technology in the Victorian era.

And, allegedly, before any complete dinosaur skeletons were found these statues were erected in Crystal Palace park. Again, even though I have lived and studied in and around London for 20 years I had no idea these concrete-asaurus existed… (probably a throw-back to the concretaceous period, HO HO HO) so you can imagine our surprise as we walked through the park to the estate agents.

Perhaps the reason why we had not really heard much about the place was that it has only recently been served by an extension to the Capital’s East London Line (London Overground)… And before you get over-excited and dust the mothballs off your anorak it’s quite a pretty station. Unfortunately it seems to have been designed by Escher with platforms pointing in different directions and leading to one another and neither at the same time… My return-from-work platform is number 6… The furthest from the exit and a number of staircases away from my final bus to Freesia. Also, the train stops at the opposite end of the platform to the exit. I have no idea why.

More to come on the little gems of Crystal Palace….


BTW… we have reached 6000 views this week…. Thank you!