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So, a little red onion tart we served as a starter to some guests a week or two ago. They went down a treat as they have a pleasantly sweet taste when cooked.

Goats cheese… I’d never really had any until Freesia started salivating in a farm shop whilst on holiday in the Lake District with my parents. After ascertaining it was not the sales assistant serving behind the counter that had grabbed the attention of Freesia it emerged that a selection of goat’s cheese was available. Safe to say we bought some to from Low sizergh barn to bring back to Blogville.

Wikipedia says that goat’s cheese is often preferred to its cow-nterpart even though it is said to be more similar to human milk. I am merely informing you of this as a point of interest, not offering an alternative if your local supermarket suddenly has a run on the goatie stuff.

Right, so yeah… probably best I don’t try to sell this recipe on its potential health benefits as the pastry itself could cause a coronary in a cheetah that’s been training for a Marathon… But it is a lot more tasty than it sounds!


  • One large red onion
  • 300g puff pastry
  • Goat’s cheese (preferably cylindrical in shape)
  • Thyme, salt, pepper
  • Some egg for washing the pastry
  • Balsamic syrup
  • Salad (I used rocket, raisins and some mixed seeds)


OK, so grab your large, round onion and peel carefully so that it remains as whole as possible. Cut the bulb across the equator and remove the inedible bits at either end. Sprinkle some thyme on to the flat surfaces of the onion and season.

Grease two small tart cases before cutting 2 disk-shape slices from the goat’s cheese and place in the centre of the cases.

Place the onions so that the largest flat plane is face down on top of the cheese.

Now, roll out your pastry and place over the onion making sure it’s nice and tight and pushed into all the gaps and brush some whisked egg in preparation for the oven. As you can see, we’re pastry frauds… If you fancy making your own pastry, please do… You’re much less lazy than us! And… That… is… pretty much it!

Place in the oven at around 140*c. Don’t have the oven too hot as it’s best to cook the tart for a while so that the onion becomes sweet and doesn’t destroy any chance you have of kissing someone. When the pastry has browned, remove from the oven and turn the grill on to a high temperature.

Carefully remove the tarts from their cases and place the other way up… The cheese may remain in the case, carefully remove and lay on top of the tart. Now place under the grill for the cheese to brown a little.

Once finished, place on a plate with whatever you like. I put some salad together and made some Balsamic syrup. Recipes for that to follow! Tim.