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“Just a quick one from me, Tim…

..I think we’re being followed.. And we are! 206 of you lovely fellers from the world’s b-logging industry have subscribed to us without being axed. Enough of the tree puns, or you’ll end up in slumber-jack land…

Anywho, Freesia will carry on making much more sense with some pictures and notes about our web-based fun


First of all a big thank you to our 206 followers! We are very happy to have reached this milestone on our blogging experience. And mainly we are very happy that you like us and like our stories and recipes.

Secondly I wanted to share a few pictures of my lovely Freesias! You may know that I love them, not just because its shape and colours but because of its perfume… If I close my eyes and smell them, I feel like I am back at my home town, in my garden enjoying the Freesias from my bedroom window 😉 Hence I chose that name for me to be known by in this blog.

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And finally, a new presentation idea of our Spinach and ricotta quiche (see the recipe here).

I firstly made this dish for Valentine’s day, however this time Tim’s parent came for lunch and this was the Starter. I used the same recipe but I used individual trays and presented it on a rocket bed.

Remember it is very heatlhy as I used a small quantity of olive oil and no eggs -the pastry was low fat by the way 😉