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Hi there!

We know it has been a while but as mentioned in the previous post we are moving house this weekend so our house looks like….. but we will catch up soon with some amazing recipes that we have for you!

In the meantime, we discovered this award… It’s been held by SAVEUR lately and as we know that some of you like our blog, our recipes, stories, jokes etc…. maybe you would like to nominate us here. 🙂

Thank you!


Hello Bloggers! Further to what Freesia has written I would like to add that it is MENTAL around here at the moment. We’ve not had chance to cook lately but we have been re-living all our recipes on here by using up all the frozen left-overs from blogs-gone-by. Mixing and matching, risotto and cod, aubergine and custard – the list is endless! So, we shall be back soon; we move on Saturday but probably won’t have a proper internet connection for a few weeks…

So, it is cheeky to ask for your kindness and votes… But it’d be a nice treat to come back to when we return with more recipes 🙂