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“We’ve been a little busy this week as we shall be up-ing sticks soon and heading south of the river to a place named Crystal Palace! The area is renown for its ‘crystal palace’ that existed for only the briefest of timescales. If the history of London was compared to the life of a human, its birth being the arrival of the Romans in AD43, its spotty adolescence being that of the plague followed by the arson-esque rebellion of its 1666 Great Fire the existence of Crystal Palace lasted about the same time as London’s first relationship.

Oh, yes the palace was beautiful, she was the talk of the town (an exhibitionist some might say) … But typical London wasn’t happy and she was reduced to tears.. well tiers of less than one storey high after catching ablaze in 1936.

Anyway, so we’re uploading a recipe from a few months ago! This was the dessert dish for the cod meal that we cooked at my parents house. However, it’s not a seasonal recipe and I think it’s quite spring/summery as we look towards the warmer part of the year.

And it seems that there are a billion ways to spell Filo… So I am going to show no favour to any of them and sprinkle them throughout the recipe indiscriminately.



A beautiful pudding you can make so easy!


  • Phyllo pastry sheets
  • fruits
  • chocolate to melt
  • low calory custard


Place one sheet of filo pastry, brush all the surface using melted butter. Using a knife cut the sheet horizontally twice, this way you will have three rectangles of phyllo pastry. Cut them again vertically this time so you get squares.

Using a muffin tray, place  three squares in each hole, moving them so the peaks are in different places. Take the tray into the oven for 10-15 minutes at 180ºC. Let them cool.

Melt some chocolate using a bain-marie. When it is ready pour 1 or 2 tbsp in each pudding and carefully rotate the fillo pastry case in the air so chocolate covers 1/3 of it.

Prepare some low calory custard, using sweetner and skimmed milk. Have a look here how to make custard from powder.

Put 1 tbs of custard on top of the chocolate. Chop some fruits (I used kiwi, apple, pear and plums) and place them on top, sparkle some icing sugar and you have your beautiful dessert ready to serve!