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It snowed in the London area the other day! Freesia went mental, it was as if she’d never seen snow before and straight away stormed out into the midnight air and started throwing snowballs at my window. Unfortunately with it being Saturday night I was less enthused by this accumalating of ice-fluff –  I had to work the next day and was anticipating slip-sliding my way to the town centre to set up. However, I made it there and more importantly I made it back in time to take a cool picture… Han Solo, as if on Hoth 🙂 Apparently, this is not a ‘proper’ picture of the snow as Freesia managed to take…

We have a new friend! Unfortunately he’s not a blogger so you lovely lot can not meet him. I don’t think he has a computer either… But for fox sake, he’s pretty cute and every morning for the past 4 days he’s sat in the same place where the sun shines. We have named him Basil.

So, just as Basil likes to keep warm so do we all. Here’s a recipe for some healthy chicken soup. I was supposed to call it Chicken and 5 vegetable soup… However, I forgot to add the fifth veg (which would’ve been peas incidentally). Ah well, I’m sure you can choose 5 vegetables you would like to either include or use up 🙂

It’s really easy to make! Rather than give you a full methodology I will give a few pointers so that you can get the most out of each of the ingredients! It’s not at all an exact science but generally start with 1 litre of water if preparing for two people.

I would also suggest to use 1 stock cube for every litre of water used. You can vary this to taste but I find it’s a good starting point. Using the ‘wetter’ meat will also provide more flavour too! Any aspects of the chicken carcass you can include during cooking will increase its fowlness no end!


  • Chicken
  • Onion
  • courgette
  • mushroom
  • carrots
  • chili
  • garlic
  • leek
  • salt and pepper
  • olice oil


OK, so heat some water in a pot, adding a chicken stock cube. Add your chicken to the mix. If you like your soup really, really thick dice some potato and place in the pot – after stirring and cooking for a while the potato will fragment causing the stew to thicken.

Freesia doesn’t like her food too spicy so I just cut a chili in half and left it in the mixture to remove before serving. If you like it more spicy you can choose from a number of options!

  1. Chop the chili more finely and leave in soup
  2. Use a hotter chili
  3. Use more chili
  4. er… make less soup

I like to fry the onions and leeks a bit in olive oil before adding to the soup as it adds a different flavour. As your including these to the pot throw some finely cut garlic in as well. Once the mixture starts to reduce down add the finely chopped carrots and mushrooms. Some skimmed milk creates a nice creamy colour without making it too rich or fatty.

I would add the courgette 5 minutes before removing from the hob otherwise they tend to fall apart in a slushy mess. Don’t forget to include peas at this point! Enjoy as a winter warmer!

This soup is lovely with a healthy dose of seasoning!