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Well, we did it. We achieved something. When we reached 960 views we decided to write a special post to commemorate the 1,000th view. When we set off blogging we were rather aimless, not knowing when to post, what to say and so forth. But as time as gone on so we’ve become more regular putting pen to paper, or finger to keyboard as it were.

As much as we’ve written we’ve also read (many blogs here on WordPress) to help alleviate some of the mental blog-ages we’ve experienced along the way 🙂

So I’d like to raise a pixellated flute of java-cava to you all for helping to reach an unofficial milestone. So, vane as it may be, it’s nice to know that people are looking at our recipes, passing comments on some of the hand-me-down plates and cutlery  we use. We appreciate all the views, likes and comments… The next target will be more ambitious… Hopefully you’ll help us carry on gaining views and comments to help us reach it 🙂

Tim & Freesia