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I found a nice recipe of dried tomatoes and rosemary palmeries. So, I decided to make some oven dried tomatoes using one of the pretty jars I got for Xmas.  I had a not-great surpirse when I opened the oven, it was dirty, greasy and sticky! So, rubber gloves on, oven cleaning spray in hand and an hour later I was making my tomatoes in a radiant oven!


  • tomato and salt (yes, it is that simple!)


Cut the tomatoes into rounds to about 5 mm of thickness. Place the tomatoes on an oven tray and sprinkle with salt. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, put on the TV and find an episode of Friends to watch. After half an hour the tomatoes will have sweated out some of their moisture. This is the magic of salt – as with tomatoes, the salt in your diet will cause liquid to leave your cells to have a big old party in your arteries… And like an angry neighbour to your up-all-night party-arteries, your blood pressure will rise… which is baaaaaaaaad.

OK, so when Friends has finished put the tomatoes in a pre-heated oven (lowest possible temperature) and wait approx 8-10 hours (if possible find a Friends marathon to watch). If your oven has ventilator function put it on so it will produce more air flow, helping the dyhadration.

When reduced in size they are ready! Store them in a pretty jar 😉