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A little recipe for you all that appears to be similar to the Turkish favourite ‘Karnıyarık’. The versatile ‘eggplant’ as it’s known to our friends across the pond has its roots in Asia (as well as soil – ha!) and has many forms and disguises… So well disguised in fact that scientists in Brazil are debating its usefulness as a remedy to high blood cholesterol. Some say yes- some say no… It’s safe to say don’t throw your medication away just because 2minicooks have posted an aubergine recipe! Listen to your GPs folks!

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 2 medium sized aubergines
  • 2 small carrots
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 250g lean mince
  • half of a chilli
  • tomato sauce with chopped leek
  • 2 slices of low-fat cheese


Cut the aubergines in half, sprinkle some salt and put them upside down on a plate. After 20-30 minutes, a purple residue should be visible. This is the bitterness that the salt has removed. Next rinse the aubergine so that (if my sauces/sources are correct) this ‘degorging’ will help prevent the fats from the meat being absorbed by the Aubergine flesh.

Once the aubergines have lost their bitterness, put them upside down in a oven tray with some olive oil and cook for 40 minutes at 180ºC. Meanwhile, chop the vegetables (garlic, pepper, carrots, chilli and onions) and sauté them in a saucepan, when the onions are transparent add the mince and continue cooking for 20 minutes at medium heat.

Get the aubergines put of the oven and spoon them out. Chop the aubergine pulp and add it to the saucepan, cook it for 10 minutes stirring so the flavours concentrate.

Stuff the skin of the aubergine with the mix. Put some tomato sauce (I used some leftover from the previous day’s pasta). Place them in the oven again for 10 minutes. I used those 10 minutes to put the leftover filling in a store jar and make the corresponding label before storing it in the freezer 😉

Get the aubergines out of the oven and put some low fat cheese on the top, return them to the oven for 3-5 minutes so the cheese melts. Plate it and enjoy it!