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I’ve never been a fan of making New Year Resolutions. I guess this is mainly due to my weakness of will causing me to have a terrible New Years Day as I try to find a shop that is open for me to buy the pack of cigarettes I said I’d never need again.

This year is a little different. On September 19th I gave up smoking after a few months of cutting down, smoking more, stopping for a few hours and so forth. In the end it was cold-turkey – can’t say that it was easy. In fact Freesia and I went to a restaurant to bring the New Year in and I was very close to nipping out into the cold air and setting fire to the end of a filter-tipped friend. But I didn’t and very glad  of it too.

Other resolutions I’ve failed at maintaining in the past have been to improve my diet. Again, since the discovery of my high-cholesterol I’ve improved my diet, and taken more exercise and as a result I have lost over a stone.

Wikipedia tells us that 52% of people devise NY resolutions in the complete confidence of their ability to achieve their goals. I thought this sounded like a rather small percentage but when compared to the actual 12% that stubbed out their last cigarette at 23:59 on the 31st and never pumped tar into their lungs again it does seem like we only choose to make resolutions for habits that we know we can’t keep.

And so, I am not really putting together a list of things I’d like to accomplish this year but I do want to build upon a few practices I have put in place during 2011…

  • I will set aside 15 minutes a day to learn Spanish.
  • I will learn a new song (all the way through) on guitar per month
  • I will do exercise (outside) at least once a week that gets me out of breath.
  • I will read (and finish) a book and then start (and finish) another… And so on.

I think a lot of resolution failures are a result of woolly planning and with no set targets. What will the 15 minutes of Spanish per day do for me? How will I test myself? Well, Spanish being Freesia’s first language I have someone who can help and allow me to practice with a native. Maybe a suitable target for this would be for me to learn sufficient Spanish so as to write a blog, or communicate with Spanish speakers in restaurants and pubs – who knows!

But, I will give these a go – Not because it’s New Year but because these are things I would just like to do. Don’t wish me luck, wish me the strength and the organisational prowess to achieve things. However, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all who read and I hope that it will be healthy, happy and happening!