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So, yes. I have a small bruise that serves as a little yellow reminder of the returning blood test I received last Friday. It has been 10 weeks since the initial diagnosis and with the help of the ever- forgiving, eagle-eyed Freesia I have lost 6 kilos, which is around a stone in old, devaluing English money. So the tangible, tape-measurable measures of a better diet seem to point in the direction that I am certainly more healthy. However, the official cholesterol count will provide the proof in the low-fat pudding.

However, it is unclear as to whether the results will be in before Christmas… I am gonna be extra vigilant over the next few days so I can have a few little treats during my days off. As a result of my odd working patterns I have suggested that Freesia offers to cook for me each evening. And she has offered as a result of my request to oblige.

So we decided to enjoy the week of soup. A sort of souped-up soup week.  A different soup for each day of the week. I’ve just finished my last 12 hour shift before Christmas and have just enjoyed leek and potato (recipe to follow).

The other soups are yet to be decided but we will hopefully post a new one each day. Hopefully you, out there in Blogshire will enjoy them.

Tim 🙂