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I have a fairly loose approach to blogging. You; the reader has no clue whether my cod recipe was cooked 2 days, 2 weeks or 2 months ago. It may not have even been cod. I could’ve used coley (which I did afterwards), haddock or even arranged some polystyrene balls to create the image of the almighty cod..

What I am trying to say is that if anyone out there is following my weight-loss web-wanderings I wouldn’t pay too close attention to thinking that the recipes posted in particular weeks have a bearing on the weight lost in that week…

Until now… Freesia pointed out that having mentioned that we were heading to a ThanksGiving meal it would be:

  1. stupid
  2. careless
  3. inconsistent
  4. typical

Of me to not talk about the food and fun we had celebrating this festival from across the pond. So we went to the nearby city of St Albans to meet my friends The  Andees (Andrew and Andrea). Two very close chums of mine. Andrew and I rented a house together and whilst visiting a cousin in America met Andie and later married before moving back to Blighty last year…

So, enough of that… After a small breakfast before leaving we were hungry. I decided to treat Freesia to some pasties from the West Cornwall Pasty.

I love pasties and meat and veg and general pastry type stuff and figured Freesia would like them as I have always found them similar to her home country’s staple diet of empanadas (which I am sure will appear as a recipe on here at some point).

The photos chosen for this blog are of Freesia’s desire (I am just writing around her photos). I notice she has not displayed a photo of the Lando Calrissian action figure I found in a toyshop and subsequently bought.

I would like to add that after buying Lando we found some great shops including Steamers Trading Cookshops. It’s the sort of shop that makes you want to get married just to have a wedding list – and even to invite people you don’t like just to ensure you get everything you want.  We then left for the pub before heading back to dinner.

A pumpkin centre piece.

As I am sure you can tell, I had a few jars of ale and posed for photos the likes of which would have John Lesley or Paris Hilton rifling through their directories for their best lawyer.

Dinner was lovely… and huge… And vegetarian – and all the better for it. For starters; pumpkin soup… for main… veg stuff and then one of Freesia’s cheesecakes and some real American Apple pie for dessert.

I ate like a pig (possibly in an attempt to have some manner of animal on the table) and am now a little nervous for tomorrow’s weigh-in. If it’s bad I know I can say goodbye to the little treats that Freesia if not allows me, certainly doesn’t kick up too much of a fuss if she discovers me with…

A lovely cheesecake… If you pester her, you may get the recipe 🙂

Click in the photo to go to the recipe 😉