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I arrived home from work last night shattered. After heading out into the early morning darkness waving at milkmen, postmen and last night’s revelers on their way home I made my way towards town… I return home as the world of Watford pulls its curtains closed, locks its doors, hides away its offspring as if this grim commuter suburb harboured the unsavouries of Gotham City itself.

So it was nice for Freesia to be so excited at me walking in through the door…

Well, so I thought. She was excited, yes. But purely because she had managed to make some meatballs without eggs. WOW. And she couldn’t wait for me to be the ‘guinea-pig’. I’d imagine the first ever pigeon to sit atop Nelson’s Column and allow his streaky vertical bum-art to cascade the ornamental edifice would have been less excited than Freesia with this creation… 😀

But, they were lovely 🙂 And I appreciate the fact that it was ready for when I came in and there wasn’t much washing up (for me) to do.

When she’s worked out the measurements and so forth, I’ll post it on here for your perusal…