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A ginger Santa Claus visited the drizzly London suburb of Watford today and delivered a new camera for Freesia… I matched what she was willing to pay and we got a nice panasonic thing with buttons, a lens and a strap – I think this makes it a good one…

What this means for you, the lucky reader is that we will no longer be putting up photos taken by my phone camera. The phone camera has done so well up to this point and there’re still a few recipes that will be shown from it… I hope you can tell when the ‘real camera’ photos start as otherwise I will be a little annoyed!

However excited Freesia was by this present this was nothing compared to her pleasure with the acquisition of these measuring spoons (which we haven’t used yet, by the way). Regardless of what spectacled-sociologist Bono says his lyrics are about, ‘still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ has been a constant soundtrack to Freesia’s frequent trips to supermarkets and hardware stores…

An odd flower to please, Freesia.