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No, Kill-a-gram is nothing like a gorillagram or a kissagram… Although the idea of knocking at someone’s door dressed as a an ape wanting to kiss someone to death could be interesting… I’d imagine the ensuing struggle would burn some calories as well – which is ACTUALLY what this part of the blog is about.

Freesia is being very geeky in creating some charts to display my weight loss between receiving the cholesterol results and my return to the doctor sometime in December. Like an extreme skier she is happiest when the gradient slides downwards in an almost vertical plunge to a skinny ravine.

Obviously some weeks are better than others… some weeks she is really content and allows me (one half of a cake) at our favourite café: The Coffee House at Presence.

Other weeks she is a woman possessed.. I am not kidding – if I don’t burn off the pounds she’ll beat them out of me! Anyway, I’ve meandered… The title relates to me killing the grams that will hopefully lose my status of Mr Cholesterol. I think she is getting ready to post the charts now…