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In spite of all the things I’ve had remove from my life over the past few months four-letter-words are as prominent as ever…

Giving up smoking has been pretty stressful, yes. It has certainly given rise to a few F-words and some other utterances so disgusting flowers in full bloom dropped their petals and closed like fly-traps to protect what beauty had not been tarnished by the foul-sounding air heading their way…

This isn’t a blog about smoking. But smoking is certainly part of the ‘life change’ that I am putting myself through to make myself a little healthier.

I suppose this is a blog about trying to live a healthy life to reduce my cholesterol. Having just received the test results from my doctor it emerges that I have the cholesterol level that would be aspirational to a walrus heading into the sort of winter displayed in the Day After Tomorrow.

And it’s about trying to create a daily menu that I can enjoy – in essence one that alleviates the need to scream four letter words… Especially that dirty one that sends shivers down the spine of many a rugged man… the DIET.

So, here I start…  There will be recipes of dishes I’ve created with my girlfriend; ‘Freesia’. Freesia is an out-of-work dietitian who will also attempt to add some science-meat to the literary-bones of this flour-y blog so it may be of use to someone! I will also post pictures of days out, exercise routines and various activities I am now doing to be more healthy. I will also update with how much weight I am losing (or not) and the rising and falling of waist measurements as we head towards Christmas and the New Year!